Project & Portfolio Scheduling

We can schedule your project using traditional Critical Path methods or we can tailor the scheduling approach according to your unique needs using some of the more sophisticated methods below;

Critical Chain Project Management

We use Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) to control resources and schedules across a complex portfolio of projects. CCPM is particularly useful for projects that involve many different work groups or businesses and delivers much better results than traditional critical path methods. CCPM takes a pragmatic view of variability within projects using a statistical model that draws heavily from the concepts used in production management.

Bullant Creative currently view ProChain as providing the best tools and software for managing the time buffers (and therefore variability and uncertainty) within a complex portfolio of projects.

Also Bullant Creative can provide a full CCPM training and implementation package.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management techniques are used throughout the software development industry to manage knowledge projects where the scope and tasks are developed in an interative cycle. This technique is particularly useful when managing projects in high change, high innovation environments such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). It can be effectively combined with CCPM and Project Kanban to deliver exceptional results.

Project Kanban

The Japanese word Kanban means a posterboard or sign. In production processes it is usually a barcode, but in knowledge work you can best think of it as a Post-it® note with information about a task. It can be a project task from a project (CCPM) schedule or a task of nonproject work. The Project Kanban process prioritises work performed by a single work team and limits WIP. Limiting WIP eliminates multitasking and greatly reduces the cycle time of both project and nonproject work. Eliminating multitasking also reduces quality defects.