Project Integration

We believe that the instability caused by poorly integrated projects demolishes project earnings and causes millions in lost profit. Hence we have designed a unique and scaleable project integration process for nurturing high-impact activities into your supply chain. This integration process can be adjusted to match the risk and benefit of each activity. Our Project Integration process is split into four stages;


Not all projects are created equal, some projects are small and simple and some projects are complex with substantial 3rd party involvement. Here we assess the complexity of the project along with the size of the pipeline benefits and decide on the appropriate level of business involvement required during the different project stages.

Management Workshops

Here we agree on project team required during the integration process, from Steering Committee to Installation Supervisor, and clarify roles and responsibilities.

Integration Events

Integration Events are carried out during the design phase to ensure that trade-offs are litigated and business commitments are delivered.

Check-Out, Commissioning, Validation & Start-Up

Carry out this final stage of the project using the people that have been part of the Integration Events. This is achieved using a coordinated cell structure.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our Project Integration process.