Project Governance & Design

Competent project governance and design is crucial to the delivery of successful projects, particularly major projects with high supply chain impacts.

Project Governance

We have the experience and skills to nuture a supply chain project of any size into a supply system. We use a unique template, developed over much trial and error, to incorporate the different expectations from the broader business.

Industrial Engineering

Using our experience, and the insights from our Industrial Engineering tools, we can compile performance and financial data so that it presents a project business case in the best light. We ensure that the process of discovery is underpinned by robust collaboration, traversing the full spectrum of employees from senior managers to shop floor personnel.

Process Design

Whether designing a complex manufacturing process in a factory or creating a mission critical material handling and packing system in warehouse, we have the capability to take your design from concept to execution, including;

  • product design, recipe, quality & corporate best practice integration
  • mass balance, flow diagram and Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) design
  • creation of process specifications, equipment specifications and validation schedules


The best way to check the operational viability of a proposal is to model it in 3D. This is also the best way to present ideas to senior management. We can create simple static 3D models, using Sketch-Up and Autocad, right up to statistical, 3D animations using our dynamic modelling service.