Quality Engineering

Reduce customer complaints and reduce supply chain variation

A effective quality strategy will not only reduce customer complaints, it will reduce supply chain variation and minimise the total cost-to-serve. At Bullant we can help to manage key quality points in you supply chain using well known Industrial Engineering techniques;

Positive Release Mechanisms

We can set up a traffic light system at your key control points whereby a production line is designated as in a Green, Yellow or Red state according to the status of key variables. In this way product can be positively released to good stock minimising the amount set aside in a quarantine and inspection system.

Six Sigma Techniques

Initially framed as a statistical method for driving defects to very low (parts per million) levels, Six Sigma progressively grew into a comprehensive quality management system complete with a problem-solving methodology and an organisational structure. We can apply the framework and tools developed under the Six Sigma methodology to achieve specific operational outcomes.

Statistical Quality Control (SQC)

We can help to set up acceptance sampling procedures, Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitoring systems or Design of Experiments (DOE) to identify and control the most important variables in your process.