Network Design

Adjust the location of manufacturing and distribution nodes to achieve business goals

The discipline of supply chain network design is used to determine the optimal location and size of facilities and the flow through the facilities.

Up to 80% of the costs of the supply chain are locked in with the location of the facilities and the determination of the optimal flows of product between them.

Companies that have not evaluated their supply chain in several years or those that have a new supply chain through acquisitions can expect to to reduce long-term transportation, warehousing, and other supply chain costs from 5% to 15% by reviewing their network design.

However, the problem with network design is that it is complex.

We can model your supply network using proven tools and techniques. We use these modelling tools and techniques to create what-if network designs. By comparing these designs to the existing baseline we deliver the following strategic business insights;

  1. Manufacturing Strategy
  2. Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Execution
  3. Cost-to-Serve Optimisation
  4. Production Capacity Planning
  5. Product Freshness Strategy
  6. Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning inputs
  7. Network Risk Assesment and Mitigation Strategies