Engineering Design

Break design stalemates in complex projects

Sometimes projects stall, or even fail to start, because of an inability to apply technical knowhow to designs. There are three ingredients that are essential to building momentum on complex projects in the process industry;

Ability to listen

The process industry is complex and every factory is different. Therefore engineering designs must include inputs from many different part of an organisation. Our technical expertise must be combined with the operational understanding of employees within the client organisation. This requires a commitment to a genuine and open exchange of ideas and knowhow which in turn requires interpersonal skills that go beyond the stereotypical engineer-client relationship.

Engineering experience & qualifications

Most people, if pressed, can project manage the construction of a house. In the same way, many of the projects within a complex processing factory can be managed with strong organisational skills. Complex projects however generally need the insights that can be gained from the 1st principal technical analysis that can only be achieved through people with the correct technical experience and qualifications.

Ability to communicate trade-offs

Finally, and most importantly, in complex projects there is always a trade-off between cost, scope and time. Of these, the cost-scope trade-off is generally the most important. Cost includes not only the initial capital cost but also the ongoing production and maintenance costs. Our portfolio of analytics tools ensures that we can communicate broad, comprehensive and accurate trade-off accounts for the most complex of process designs.