Cloud-Based Document Exchange

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Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based document exchange portal. It is designed for clients that want a secure, simple and contained way of coordinating data between themselves and 3rd parties without being forced to provide general access to their mission-critical, corporate ERP or document management systems.

We design each stand alone and secured instance of Knowledge Vault according to the unique needs of each client. We achieve this by leveraging our partnership with key IT providers; Coxtech, OpenKm and Amazon Web Services (AWS) – see below for more information.

Take a look at what Knowledge Vault looks like by exploring one of the OpenKM demo’s:

If you need support regarding a particular function in Knowledge Vault then please visit the OpenKM Wiki and explore the USERS section:

If you need technical assitance then please email [email protected].

If you need urgent assitance then please contact us.

Knowledge Vault Partners


COXTECH have a detailed understanding of the OpenKM code and how it operates. Thay can tailor the vanilla OpenKM environment to the unique needs of our clients.

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OpenKM have spent many years coordinating development of the open source code behind Knowledge Vault. They also provide a central point of contact for a worldwide group of developers and users, allowing us to leverage a deep knowledge base of version upgrades and bug fixes.

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Amazon Web Services allow us to create a scaleable and secure instance of Knowledge Vault at a known Data Centre location, close to our clients. We can create short term instances of Knowledge Vault for single projects or larger, long term instances for access by multiple departments and many 3rd party suppliers.