Case Study

the ultimate guide to process factory performance


Bullant were asked to review the design of a multi-million dollar factory containing 2 lines planned for installation as part of a major capital project. The client wanted proof that the factory was actually designed to achieve the performance benefits stated in the project business case.


With the help of operations personnel, Bullant used Industrial Engineering tools to create the following useful business insights:

  • A reference levelled production sequence showing the number and type of changeovers.
  • A Process Map (Bullant Filters) showing the distribution of forecast demand, capacities and buffers on each line.
  • An animated 3D Dynamic Model showing the statistically relevant efficiency of each line for the different configurations required by each product family.


The work confirmed the OEE capability of the 2 lines. It also highlighted design changes needed on the lines to deliver the performance goals in the project. This avoided considerable operating expense and production rate issues at startup.