What is a flow line and how can it be manipulated to maximise performance?

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Capacity decisions made at the time of asset procurement have a huge strategic effect on the long term competitiveness of a manufacturing operation. This is particularly true in the process industry where most of the factories use Flow Lines.

In this article we explain how flow lines are designed as well as the supply chain system benefits of un-balancing flow lines, i.e. adding extra capacity upstream and downstream of a flow line’s bottleneck.

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Why use Contribution Margin and Octane measures rather than Unit Costing when comparing options for operational change?

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Activity Based Costing (ABC) has replaced older methods of cost accounting. Overheads are apportioned to products on the basis of how much of the overhead activities are actually required by the product. However, when comparing options for operational change we use Contribution Margin or Octane rather than Unit Cost (whether unit costs are derived from … Read more

The 4 key phases of good project governance

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Complex projects are both exciting and challenging. On one hand complex projects have no precedent and therefore this will be a time of professional growth for all involved. On the other hand complex projects depend on the creation of new knowledge and effective collaboration between subject specialists. This can present significant risk and requires a … Read more