Supply Chain Excellence



This POD is used to identify and prioritise supply chain improvement activities according to performance excellence benchmarks. These are total-supply-chain benchmarks calculated using internal business unit comparisons or industry-wide comparisons.

We use the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR™) framework which is fast becoming the industry standard for supply chain excellence.

Big Client Questions

  • How do I know which activites are going to deliver the highest return in terms of the flow of profit, delivery performance and cost reduction for my entire supply chain?
  • How do I align objectives and prioritise supply chain improvement projects to make good use of available resources?
  • How do I improve my cash-to-cash time and improve customer satisfaction by remedying my planning and forecasting issues?
  • We have defined how we want to differentiate ourselves in the market but how do we define, at a more tactical level, the changes that need to be made in the supply chain?
  • How do I stop my projects from moving further and further away from legitimate strategic impacts and also shift their proximity away from entirely manufacturing?

POD Contents and Useful Business Insights

Client Commitment

We help set up the team for the supply chain excellence initiative. It is important that team members have the appropriate skills, access to data, appropriate influence and buy-in to the project;

  • Project Sponsor
  • Steering Team
  • Project Leader
  • Project Team

Also this supply chain excellence framework requires a base-line for the performance metrics. Client’s will need to decide whether to use external or internal comparison businesses.

Bullant Capability

We can help to coach the team through the 5 steps of the SCOR™ framework, specifically;

  • Build organisational support
  • Define the scope of the optimisation initiative
  • Analyse performance and compare against benchmarks
  • Develop a project portfolio
  • Implement projects