Factory Performance



This POD is used to design, modify or manipulate assets in complex processing factories to deliver on the performance expectations of the total supply chain.

It contains the Bullant Filters (Demand Filter, Capacity Filter and Relaibility Filter) which have taken many years to develop and are a way of quickly creating useful business insights using complex data from processing factories.

Some Big Client Questions

  • One of my factories is continually short supplying the market. A lot of good people are working on the problem but how can I get more clarity on the root cause and priority of the problems asap before we lose the supply contract?
  • My demand has suddenly increased (decreased) what options do I have to reconfigure my assets so that I can ramp up (down) production in a way the minimises, or even decreases, my unit costs?
  • I have been asked to approve a project for a complex processing line but no one seems to be able give me a straight answer on how well it will actually perform. Is there a robust way of doing a bottom-up analysis and confirming the efficiency of a comlex process line?
  • I’m just about to start up a new project for a complex processing line and it must come up the learning curve as soon as possible otherwise we will short deliver the market. How can I create a start-up strategy that is based on tangible information and not just gut feel and goodwill?
  • I’ve heard of load leveling in the car industry but how can it be applied to my processing factory and how does it relate to my best economic order quantity, particularly when I throw in my different Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order requirements?

POD Contents and Useful Business Insights

Client Commitment

We help guide resources through a time-proven approach to data collection and analysis. We work with the client to decide on the most effective combination of:

  • Sponsor
  • Activity manager
  • Finance planner and S&OP coordinator
  • Plant scheduler
  • Continuous improvement leads
  • Production and maintenance managers and operators
  • Manufacturing data recording expert

Bullant Capability

Bullant can deliver the business insights shown above by taking a full coaching role right through to doing almost all the collation and analysis work ourselves. This depends on how available client resources are at the time of the study.

If necessary we can provide implementation resources for projects that are generated from the business insights.