Crisis Recovery



This POD is used when a fast response is required to a high-value supply chain problem.

It will contain hand-picked tools from our other POD’s, specifically selected for the crisis at hand.

Big Client Questions

  • Our delivery performance has suddenly dropped and the customer has put us on a final warning before delisting. How can I get rid of this problem quickly?
  • One of our competitors has been delisted and the customer has asked if we can respond by absorbing extra demand. How can I create some options quickly?
  • One of our supplier’s factories has been closed due to political unrest, what are my supply options with the current supply based and internal asset capability?

POD Content and Useful Business Insights

Bullant select and deploy the contents from other POD’s according to the fast response required.

Client Commitment

This is usually a 2 pronged attack;

  • Somebody is placed on the ground (client resource or Bullant resource) to push a short term response
  • Bullant provide crude analytics to direct recovery priorities

Bullant Capability

Bullant can deliver quick and crude analytics according to the risk and the urgency of the situation. In these situations our priority is not accuracy and due diligence, our priority is crisis recovery.