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Value Stream Mapping includes four steps;

  • select a discrete part of the supply chain
  • map the Current State
  • agree and document points of greatest waste reduction in a Future State
  • create a fully costed transformation plan

Current and Future States1

We use Value Stream Mapping tools that have been modified for the process industry (food & beverage, liquids, sheet goods, solid & fluid packaging operations). They include;

bulllant Cartoon blk1Flow Consoles
Value Stream Maps that have been modified for the process industry.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Supply Chain Level Flow Console
Used to represent a total end-to-end supply chain.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Factory Level Flow Console
Used to represent resource behaviour within a factory.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Process Mapping
A process map shows the interplay of resources within a Flow Line.

bulllant Cartoon blk1

Big Data Management
A way of using Flow Consoles to visualise the massive amounts of data in a supply chain so that it can be used for the most important decisions.

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