Supply Chain Level Flow Console

Value Stream Mapping - Supply Chain Level Flow Console

A Flow Console at the supply chain level is used to visually represent a total end-to-end supply chain. A simplified version is shown below.

The biggest issue with most supply chains is that each buffer is controlled by different people or departments. Consequently buffers fight against each other as the people controlling them strive for different, and very localised, performance outcomes.

Maximum flow for the supply chain is only achieved when the performance of each buffer is monitored and adjusted according to the needs of the entire supply system.

Supply Chain Flow Console

The ultimate measure of success with this Flow Console (or any other value stream map), is the positive impact it has on the ROI. To achieve this, improvements are made to the Current State map thereby delivering a Future State that has a positive impact on the key leading flow metrics for an entire supply chain;

  • Lead time
  • Inventory Turns
  • Inventory carrying costs
  • Perfect-order execution
  • Demand Amplification
  • Quality Performance


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