Flow Consoles

Value Stream Mapping - Flow Consoles

Current Value Stream Mapping techniques were developed for parts manufacturing and assembly plants (cars, cell phones, refrigerators, medical instruments) and do not adequately represent the manufacturing systems found in the process industry (were materials are transformed from one form to another using chemical and physical processing).

Flow Consoles are traditional Value Stream Maps which have been modified for the process industry and include additional information on capacities, buffer performance and resource utilisation.

The metrics shown on a Flow Console are leading flow metrics. These leading metrics identify opportunities for higher flow and therefore higher financial performance.

  • Increasing flow ALWAYS reduces cost
  • Reducing cost DOES NOT ALWAYS increase flow

Therefore, greatest benefits accrue when Flow Consoles and financial information are used, and improved, together.

Flow consoles can be used at four levels;

bulllant Cartoon red1Supply Chain Level
The highest Flow Console level showing flow performance throughout an entire supply chain.

bulllant Cartoon red1Factory Level
An intermediate Flow Console level showing flow performance through a single factory.

bulllant Cartoon red1Process Mapping
A process map is used to define basic factory or warehouse metrics for the Flow Console.

bulllant Cartoon red1Big Data Management
Flow consoles are used to visualise complex information in a Big Data Management system.

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