Factory Level Flow Console

Value Stream Mapping - Factory Level Flow Console

An actual factory level Flow Console is shown below. The details have been changed in order to protect client confidentiality.

For high technology process industries (such as food & beverage) the drum or drumbeat of the supply chain is located at the company-owned, or 3rd party, factory. The successful operation of the supply chain is determined by how well buffers are regulated upstream and downstream of the drum so as to maximise the flow of raw materials and finished product to the customer.

Factory Flow Console 1 A factory level Flow Console is used to establish key leverage points within a factory that can be used for increasing the flow of information and product.

Key leading flow metrics for the factory level flow console include;

  • Every Product Every (EPE)
  • Crewed time
  • Usable time
  • Utilised time
  • Drumbeat
  • Efficiency
  • Octane
  • Productivity
  • Losses
  • External defects


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