Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design

We take the mystery out of warehouse design by relating it to your individual business needs. Our key difference is that we can link the design of your warehouse to your broader supply chain goals as set out in your fulfillment strategy.

Goal Definition

We use our Value Stream Mapping techniques to clearly establish the main transactional and distribution goals of your proposed warehouse. These goals are intimately related to the way you plan to maximise the flow of products through your supply chain.

Data Collection

Based on the Value Stream Map and business case documents we accumulate vital information that relates to warehouse design, including;

  • Forecast volume of materials through warehouse
  • Space restrictions
  • Physical requirements of inventory (e.g. bulk pallets, rackable pallets, binnable items)
  • Activity patterns (e.g. pallet operations, order picking, shipping and receiving)
  • Segmentation of operations (e.g. covered, picking, administration, shipping and receiving, packing and crating)

Building Layout

Create a preliminary building layout based on the data collected.


Use data and building layout to model different combinations of storage and handling techniques and technologies. This can be done using a simple spreadsheet right though to sophisticated dynamic modelling.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Create a cost/benefit trade-off curves for the different storage and handling options taking into consideration the (pragmatic) use of different storage and handling technologies.


Modify goals and layouts according to information gleaned from the preceding analysis. 




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