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Specialising in the process industry (food & beverage, liquids, sheet goods, solid & fluid packing operations), we can carry out supply network design and optimisation activities on any scale; starting with just a few SKUs right up to a full business unit strategy.

We can apply a Demand Driven approach (shown in the graphic below) or a more traditional approach (based on forecast-driven MRP and historical variation data) depending on the particular needs of your business.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Supply Chain Strategy
Create Capacity, Workforce, Warehouse & Transportation plans that align with your strategic business model.
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Network Design
Design a supply network, manipulating manufacturing and distribution nodes to come up with the best combination of locations that deliver business goals.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Storage & Handling Design
Design and optimise your storage and handling system so that it aligns with your fulfillment strategy and your approach to planning & control.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Transport Optimisation
Set up a logistics system that cost effectively supports the rest of your supply network.

bulllant Cartoon blk1Planning & Control
Align schedules, material requirements and inventories with demand and ensure that the tactics used at the operational level match your overall fulfillment strategy.


Supply Network Planning Control Hierarchy1

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