Ropes & Control Points

Bullant Filters - Ropes & Control Points


Rope is a term used to describe the gating mechanism used throughout a supply chain. It is a supply schedule at the supply chain level, it is the factory schedule at the factory level and it is the updated daily sequence at the line level. Complex supply chains need a gating mechanism to ensure that inventory and time buffers do not get out of control.

Control Points

Information at Control Points are used to supplement information on buffer penetrations.

For example, in the line below, Control Point #2 can be used to monitor the upstream buffers before Machine #3. If there is no material at Control Point #2 for more than say 5% of the time then this would indicate that there is a problem with the upstream process.

The source of the problem can be pinpointed by looking at the upstream buffers (e.g. which ones are in green for a lot of the time) and control points (e.g. which control point shows 0% time without material). This information would then help to establish the upstream performance bottleneck.

Process Map 2comp

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