Bullant Filters - Overview

The Bullant Filters are used;

Bullant Filters are used on flow lines where a bottleneck (The Drum) is resident within a group of many interconnected and automated workstations, as shown below.

Process Map 2comp

Bullant Filters rely on two Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts;

bulllant Cartoon red1The Drum

bulllant Cartoon red1Ropes & Control Points


to help characterise the types of flow lines generally found in the processing industry.

We enlist the help of operations personnel and use quantitative and qualitative statistical methods to gather powerful data and create a process map using the three Bullant Filters, which include;

bulllant Cartoon red1Demand Filter

bulllant Cartoon red1Capacity Filter

bulllant Cartoon red1Reliability Filter


Like the alignment of holes in a pile of swiss cheese slices, these filters can then be used to identify those Performance-Centred Improvement opportunities that add the maximum value.



The Bullant Filters can be customised to the clients' needs and can be used to clarify a single, mission critical reliability issue right through to a longer term, supply chain performance improvement strategy. Please check out our white paper if you want to learn more about Bullant Filters.

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