Warehouse & Logistics Modelling

Warehouse and Logistics Modelling

Warehouse Modelling

Warehouses can include very complicated interactions between material handling equipment such as conveyors, robots, and forklifts. In these situations the cost of running a warehouse facility is intimately connected to the way employees (such as pickers or forklift drivers) interact with the equipment.

Often the only way to identify optimum layout and minimise running costs is to model the warehouse system using a computer modelling.

We can use Automod 3D modelling software to model a warehouse system and show what-if scenarios for different equipment and employee configurations.

Logistics Modelling

Sometimes a business must consider options for reconfiguring a supply system and this redesign often involves changing the location of manufacturing facilities or warehouses relative to customers.

Small differences in location may constitute large changes in cost and time and this can have a huge impact on total Cost-To-Serve and customer service. Often, the only way to demonstrate this properly is to construct a simulation model showing truck movements.

We can use the Automod 3D modelling software to clearly demonstrate truck movements for different warehouse and supply facility location alternatives.


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