Factory Modelling

Factory Modelling

Sometimes tanks or buffering conveyors, are required to create a particular operating and performance outcome for a factory. In these situations it is important to ensure that buffer sizing and location is as accurate and streamlined as possible because each additional asset can make the difference between a viable and non-viable project.

Also existing high speed, high technology production lines consist of a series of workstations with differing capacities, buffer sizes and buffer positions. This can make it almost impossible to identify the most powerful performance leverage points in a line.

In these situations, we use powerful Automod 3D simulation software to Dynamically Model a factory process so that potential performance and productivity benefits can be confirmed before spending cash or committing resources.

Dynamic Modelling we can;

  • Identify constraints and performance opportunities within complicated sequencing or flow-line operations.
  • Define optimum buffer levels between processes.
  • Determine constraints caused by resources such as forklifts or employees.
  • Enable design verification prior to capital expenditures.
  • Enhance decision making, particularly in relation to buffers.
  • Reduce the risk of costly design mistakes by running what-if scenarios.

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